Welcome to the Akari Judo Blog!

Welcome, everyone!  Or no one, as it happens.  Anyhow, I wanted to welcome you to my blog.  My sensei, Pat Parker, has maintained his blog for several years, and it has added considerably to my understanding of the art, and has made it easier for me to maintain a link with him even though I live almost 1000 miles away.  (I googled it, and it is 969 miles from my house to Magnolia, MS)  Anyhow, while I have no expectation of being as insightful as Pat - at least at first, my hope is that I can add to the sphere of judo conversation, and hopefully we can all gain something as a result.  I will always welcome comments, especially those that disagree with me - as long as we can refrain from name calling.  Let the blogging begin!



Patrick Parker said...

Good start! This here's a comment - your first - so we can see of the comment thing is working right with this template.

Keep up the great job!

Anonymous said...

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