Promotion to Ikkyu

Just wanted to give some quick congratulations to Jesse Claypool for reaching Ikkyu this past week.  He was obviously surprised by the news, but shouldn't have been.  His judo is fantastic... I miss the old days when I was able to throw him with ease (and when I was taller than him)... nowadays it's too much of a fight.  Minimum effort my @$$.  I guess we have some time before Jesse gets his Shodan, so we can still work on what it means to go "50%"...  =:>

Speaking of the shodan... time to get to work on that, Jesse!



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kodokanjudo said...

I have to say that Jesse did a great job as Jacob's uke especially in the nage-no-kata and his judo has improved greatly in the last year or so.
He was also recently elected as VCU judo club president, meaning that he is willing to step up his involvement in the local judo community.

Congratulations, Jesse!

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