Nage no Kata Attacks - Uke Gets ... No Smarter?: The Sumo Shuffle

... Umm... I got nothing.  And I don't like it.

As I mentioned in this post, I have a hypothesis that there was some reason for Tori to select the throw she does... some reason more meaningful than "Tori really wanted to do Uki Goshi."  So, in these posts, I explored the subtle differences in Uke's actions which trigger specific throws, and I am pretty satisfied with the answers.

As I was performing the Kata the other day, however, I couldn't discern any difference between what Uke was supposed to be doing during the "Jigotai Shuffles" in Sumi Gaeshi vs. Uki Waza.  So I started reading.  I have a few books by people who know a lot more about Kata than I do, and thus far, I have been really happy that these books have been able to answer the questions I have had.  Not so here.  In Formal Techniques, Draeger mentions no difference.  In fact, he says a few times that Uke and Tori are repeating themselves in Uki Waza.  Same thing in Leggett's book.  Same in Kawaishi's.

So... is my hypothesis wrong?  (I already know your answer, LEO!) Or, is there some difference that these clowns didn't pick up on?  What do you think?  Do any of you guys do anything differently to induce Uki Waza instead of another Sumi Gaeshi?


The Gokyo - Kodokan vs. Mifune

Mifune was a wizard, and evidently a rebel.  He was the Harry Potter of Judo?

Did you guys know that Mifune had his own Gokyo (well... you would if you had read my review of his Canon of Judo).  Some interesting differences...  I don't have a ton of insight here just yet, but figured I would post this for those who are interested.  At some point I will post my color-coded Excel file which makes comparison between the two a bit easier.

# Kodokan Mifune
1-1 Deashi Barai Deashi Barai
1-2 Hiza Guruma Hiza Guruma
1-3 Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi Uki Goshi
1-4 Uki Goshi Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi
1-5 Ogoshi Osoto Gari
1-6 Osoto Gari Tsuri Goshi
1-7 Ouchi Gari Tai Otoshi
1-8 Seoi Nage Tsurikomi Goshi
2-1 Kosoto Gari Kouchi Gari
2-2 Kouchi Gari Koshi Guruma
2-3 Koshi Guruma Kosoto Gari
2-4 Tsurikomi Goshi Ogoshi
2-5 Okuriashi Barai Seoi Nage
2-6 Tai Otoshi Ouchi Gari
2-7 Harai Goshi Kosoto Gake
2-8 Uchi Mata Harai Goshi
3-1 Kosoto Gake Uchi Mata
3-2 Tsuri Goshi Hane Goshi
3-3 Yoko Otoshi Hane Makikomi
3-4 Ashi Guruma Harai Tsurikomi Ashi
3-5 Hane Goshi Tomoe Nage
3-6 Harai Tsurikomi Ashi Sukui Nage
3-7 Tomoe Nage Ashi Guruma
3-8 Kata Guruma Ushiro Goshi
4-1 Sumi Gaeshi Yoko Guruma
4-2 Tani Otoshi Osoto Guruma
4-3 Hane Makikomi Uki Otoshi
4-4 Sukui Nage Utsuri Goshi
4-5 Utsuri Goshi Uki Waza
4-6 O Guruma Tani Otoshi
4-7 Soto Makikomi Yoko Otoshi
4-8 Uki Otoshi Yoko Gake
5-1 Osoto Guruma Ura Nage
5-2 Uki Waza Sumi Otoshi
5-3 Yoko Wakare Yoko Wakare
5-4 Yoko Guruma O Guruma
5-5 Ushiro Goshi Okuriashi Barai
5-6 Ura Nage Sumi Gaeshi
5-7 Sumi Otoshi Kata Guruma
5-8 Yoko Gake Soto Makikomi