A Lot to Be Proud of Today

It was a great day at Akari Judo today.
1) If you didn't hear about the arson at Greg Rubio's dojo, the Five Cities Judo Dojo, you can read about it here.  Anyhow, knowing how hard it is to get a club going and how expensive mats are, etc., we at Akari Judo wanted to chip in and help get them back on their feet.  I was blown away by the generosity of our club - we'll be sending them $450 collected from the members of our small club.

2) Kat and JK both graduated from their respective schools, so that's exciting!  And now there are fewer excuses to miss class!

And most importantly:
3)  Our very own Jacob Powell was promoted to Shodan!  After working with him off and on for several years, and especially recently getting to witness his dedication to the art, and his efforts to help out with the VCU club, etc, etc.  His throws are crisp, his groundwork is annoyingly good, his Nage No Kata was a thing of beauty.  He's a fine addition to our yudanshakai.



kodokanjudo said...

Yes Chad, Jacob has exibited great work ethic at VCU judo and at MMA. He does make a great and reliable addition to our local yudansha!
And don't forget our very own Sam and his help to Gary Goltz with the USJA website. I can't wait to see the results.