The Greatest Judo Training Camp on Earth: June 23-25

I just wanted to give some quick love for The Greatest Judo Training Camp on Earth.  This camp, which will run from June 23-25, is consistantly an awesome experience.  For just $225, you get 3 packed days of great Judo training - and FOOD!  The only other thing you pay for is lodging!  Some of my favorites that I see on the confirmed list have been Igor Yakimov (with his *nasty* good Judo, as well as effective and sneaky BJJ/Sambo techniques) and Nick Lowe, an world-class competitor from the UK, and a great instructor as well.  I also see that Stan Wentz is on the "invited" list - if you go, and he is there, he has some great stuff on gripping and "weird" throws.  Also on the confirmed list is Jimmy Pedro, Sr.  I've never met him, but I have met Jimmy, Jr., who has done okay for himself, what with his Olympic medals and what-not.  I've also got to go to a couple of clinics from other students of his, like Ronda Rousey and Rick Hawn, and they aren't weren't too shabby, either.  So I imagine that whatever he says, it should be solid gold.  My guess from my interactions with his students is that your gripping will be 1000% better when he's done with you. 

I am unfortunately not going to be able to make it this year because I stupidly forgot to block the time in my calendar early enough, but I am sending a few Akari Judoka.  If you get the chance, go.  It's the most bang for your buck you can get, you'll meet a ton of great people and get to learn from a ton of great instructors.  Seriously... just $225, which includes food?  You can tell what their motivation is in putting this together, and it isn't to get rich from Judo camps.  I can't speak highly enough of these folks.  I hope you can go, and if you can, please post some videos and let me know what you learn.



kodokanjudo said...

This is a great chance for anyone that has not expertienced a judo camp yet. You will have a blast!
I have very fond memories of several "Judo College" camps in Radford VA. all those many years ago with Phil Porter.