Quick Thoughts on the Olympics, Thus Far (Round 3 - Kayla Harrison Edition!)

  • Finally!  Ne Waza!  Our girl Kayla Harrison rocked a nice Juji Gatame against her first round Russian opponent, and finished of her Brazilian semifinal opponent with a weird Juji Gatame from the bottom!  And I saw one of the 100kg men (Mongolia's Naidan, perhaps?) *actually pull his leg out of half-guard* to secure a pin!  Miracles!
  • Hungary's Abigel Joo evidently injured herself to the point where she was barely walking towards the end her quarterfinal loss against  the US's Kayla Harrison.  She toughed through it, and hobbled to the repechage round...  Evidently, she just needed to walk it off a bit, because she started moving better with about 30 seconds left, and pulled off a BEAUTIFUL cartwheeling Uchi Mata.  Phat.  
  • As a side note, I thought coach Pedro handled the situation well when Joo was injured.  Instead of saying "SHE'S HURT!  MOVE IN FOR THE KILL!", he simply yelled "LOOK AT HER!" to make sure that Harrison noted the situation.
  • Finally saw a split decision in the women's 78kg repechage.  And, in this one, everyone raised their flag at the same time.
  • Maybe it's just been my luck, but NBC seems to have fixed their randomly-timed commercial breaks during streaming
  • The German coach is doing alright for himself...  He carried Dimitri Peters off after winning the bronze, and Peters is one big Gerry...
  • Another thing that cracks me up is how athletes will look expectantly at a ref after throwing (instead of  locking down their opponent) - our own Kayla Harrison did it in the finals...   Does that mean that I shouldn't get so upset with our juniors when they do it?
  • Anybody else notice that Neil Adams (who had been announcing the contestants and the winners to the crowd) didn't have the mic to announce Harrison's victory?  Conspiracy!
Photo: Kayla Harrison has just become the first American to win Olympic gold in judo. Go Team USA and congrats to Kayla!
  • WAY TO EFFING GO KAYLA!  YOU WERE PHENOMENAL!  You won, and you won in style, really dominating your opponents and demonstrating some great Judo in the process!