Quick Thoughts on the Olympics, Thus Far (Round 2)

 More thoughts... I'm still behind, so I haven't gotten a chance to see the US win any medals yet, but here are some more comments on what I *have* seen.
  • From what I've watched, the Georgians seem to be doing the best Judo...  Lots of great attacks.  What do you guys think? 
  • Rosalba Forciniti of the Italian judo team. Photo / APAnybody know what happened to 52kg Italian bronze-medalist Forciniti's hand?  I don't think it was broken, but I've never seen a wrap like that in a Judo...   
  • Is it just me, or is it weird seeing the Cuban women's coach in a suit?  I'm used to seeing him engulfing a folding chair wearing his sweats.  Definitely an upgrade. 
  • Funny to see that even the best in the world screw up bowing in and bowing out.  Public Service Announcement:  You stand in front of the mark while you wait for the match to be awarded. 
  • The judges' decisions (when they raise their flags at the end to determine a winner) seem suspect.  I haven't yet seen one that isn't unanimous (which seems improbable), and there always seems to be a lag between the first and last flags are raised - as if a judge were waiting to see how the other judges ruled before raising his own flag...  Anyone else notice this? 
  • The refs made it up to Korea's Jun-Ho for screwing him the other day by selecting him as the winner of the bronze medal match against the Spaniard 

  • With the exception of 2 or 3 individuals, I haven't seen anyone even *try* to do groundwork, unless they accidentally had to.  Bah. 
  • Any Judoka/Statisticians (Ann Maria De Mars?), if you're out there:  In case you are running out of ways to fill your spare time, here's an analysis I'd love to see - What is the best predictor of judges' decision - is it just attack frequency?  Is there a recency bias?