Greatest Judo Training Camp on Earth: June 21-23 2012

Another of my annual shout-outs for the Greatest Judo Training Camp on Earth!

This year, the GJTCE will be from June 21-23 in Matthews, NC (just outside of Charlotte).  It's $215 if you register in advance, $245 if you don't - and that INCLUDES FOOD!  You can't afford not to go!  Pretty much the only other thing you need is a place to sleep, and they have worked out a deal for $65/night for lodging... you can get 4 folks easily in these rooms (2 on cots), so that's nothing!

The headline instructor is Shenjiro Sasaki, and he'll be joined by one of my favorites - Igor Yakimov will be back, as will Nick Lowe, who's also awesome.  Jeff Giunta will also be there... I've not met him, but if he rates with Igor and Nick, he must be awesome, as well.

I may even be able to make it this year - though it will likely be my last trip for a while with a third young'un on the way.  I need somebody to learn Ju No Kata with me... who's down?



kodokanjudo said...

Mr. Sasaki is a Kodokan 3rd dan, he runs a club in Florida.