Exercises: Buddy Lifts

Throw your partner through the ceiling!

I'm starting an "exercises" series for different warm-up exercises that I like.  The key for me to like them is that they have to be Judo-esque... Thus, you'll never see my promotion of running.  Not that there is anything wrong with running, but if you find yourself running a lot in contest, I think you're doing something wrong...    I want to use Judo mat time for Judo things.  Anyhoo, I think I came up with this first one myself!

This exercise develops:

  • Explosive leg strength.
  • Strength through the full range of motion in the legs
  • Pulling power
What do do:
  • Two players in right natural posture grab each other with a standard sleeve/lapel grip.
  • Both players squat - Player A squats as far as possible without sitting down, Player B touches his butt to the ground
  • As soon as B's butt touches the ground, he tries to jump up as high as possible.
  • Player A simultaneously tries to lift B out of the ground and launch him through the ceiling.
  • Player A tries to help B land as gently as possible.
  • Then start over; both players squat with Player A touching her butt to the ground.  Repeat till you can't stand up any more/someone vomits.  Or just pick a number of reps.
  • Maintain good posture - keep a straight(ish) back.
  • Counterbalance your partner - you'll need to lean back some, so it will help to have your feet close to each other.
  • I opted to avoid having the lifter touch her butt to the ground as I think that will help avoid back problems...  Feel free to tinker.
  • Change how you lift (e.g., elbows in vs. elbows up)
  • Change stances (e.g., classic righty- right foot forward with right hand on lapel, or classic lefty - left foot forward with left hand on lapel, or righty vs. lefty)
  • Experiment with your grip (e.g., high collar, double sleeve, etc)
Try it, and let me know what you think...



kodokanjudo said...

I like them as a good teaching method for learning the timing for the "lift" (tsuri) action that is needed for most judo throws.

Patrick Parker said...

Sounds too much like exercise :-)

Dr. AnnMaria said...

I like those drills because they sound fun and different - as well as developing strength. Too many judo practices are like Ground Hog Day, the same thing every time.