Congrats to "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey

Just a quick shout-out to US judoka "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey for winning her Strikeforce debut.  And in under 30 seconds.  Unfortunately, it wasn't without controversy, but screaming during a submission attempt is generally seen as submission.  "I didn't say 'tap'!  I said 'AAAAAAAH'!"

Check out the full fight on her blog.

And check out this interview from a few weeks ago.



kodokanjudo said...

Just to clarify a long standing judo myth:
Kano was certainly against judo men "street fighting". He suspended several Kodokan members for doing so, including his best student Shiro Saigo.
He was never against prize fighting per say, unless it involved anything having to do with gambling. During his lifetime, many Kodokan men were involved in exibition fights and in prize fighting to make a living and Kano never took action against them. Two such men were Ito, co-founder of the Seatle Judo Club (longest running judo club in the USA) and Maeda, responsible for teachng Carlos Gacie in Brazil.
Ito had two recorded fights versus catch wrestling great Ad Santel.
Kano had knollege of such fights from the many Japanese Embassies, Consulates and communities around the world. Kano believed that besides sending instructors abroad, it was an acceptable way to spread judo outside Japan as long as there were no connections to any form of gambling.