Congrats to Claude

Just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Claude Ranson for getting his Rokkyu this morning!  The ukemi looked good, the throws looked good, the groundwork looked good.   Good work!
Leo gave some good advice to Claude (and to anyone else who may be testing soon):

  • Tell your uke what you want him/her to do... How to grip, stand, move, etc.  Help them set you up for success.
  • Accentuate key points of the throw.  Demonstrate control, off-balance, etc.  Point your toe and draw the "C" when you do Ouchi Gari... things like that.
Again, congratulations to Claude.  Who's next?



kodokanjudo said...

Yes, Claude did well in his test.
But I think that the real challenge is for us, the instructors, to make a better effort and realize when certain individuals are ready for promotion. I say "promotion" and not "test" because I believe that we should not test anyone unless that student is very well ready and can easily pass the test for that promotion.
In other words, no one should fail a judo test, or we have failed for that student. :)