I'm Back! And I Bring a New Syllabus!

I've gone a while due to a whole bunch of reasons (including another beautiful baby!), but now I'm back. And I have a new syllabus for Akari Judo!

It's been a while. Been a while since I've made a blog post, been a while since I've updated my syllabus. Well, that changes today. For the first time in three years and got an update to my syllabus and I think you guys will like it. Working with Leo Valdes and Jacob Powell. We synchronized and simplified our syllabi… Well, I simplified mine; theirs were already simple. I got rid of a bunch of stuff that I copied from USJA syllabus – things like moving skills, rollovers, and sweeps. It's not that I don't care about that stuff anymore, it's just that we're not going to be testing for it. Take a look and let me know what you think.



Patrick Parker said...

I like the syllabus and I especially like your return to the blogging playground.

What you've done - essentially "any 4 throws from 1st kyo..." is probably the best way to do it because it is based on the century-old pedagogy from the old-dead guys but it also allows the modern instructor enough latitude to teach in the order he wants.

Patrick Parker said...

for my part (my preferences only) I could easily follow this syllabus with perhaps the following caveats.

1) lately I've been teaching one hold-down with 2 escapes for each belt level. I feel like this lets us get mroe time practicing fewer cardinal positions.

2) i start all my students with deashi and kosoto because those ashiwaza set up all other throws - so while I like the "choose any 4 throws" approach, I would probably do "you choose 2 and I choose 2" :-)

3) not a fan of cartwheels and roundouts - otherwise our ukemi sequence is mostly the same. Lately we've been playing with koshiki no kata as a falling exercise/warmup for everyone because both guys are falling for every technique (we're not doing the Kodokan Armored Robot version.)

Unknown said...

Re-printed this one and used a lot less paper than before ; ) Cool man, concise and easier to get through.

kodokanjudo said...

I like it. It's simple to follow and not complex.

kodokanjudo said...

Simple is good. I think that we (in the west) tend to make judo more complicated than it really is.