The Newest Judoka!

My oldest just had a birthday, and I figured it was time to give him special present. 

"His own towel?" you may be asking yourself?  Well, he would have agreed for the first minute after opening the gift (and to be clear, he was superstoked to have "MY OWN TOWEL!!!"), but it was even better than that... and it was even better than his next guess, after I prompted him to open it up a bit more... "My own robe!!!"

"A GI!  I've got a Gi like Daddy!"

Of course, Judo men don't smile, so I instructed him to make his Judo face.

So look out, world.  No joke, the little bastard kept trying to cinch up a Juji on me, but he didn't control my head (bad technique), so I escaped.  =:>

I guess I need to start teaching kids now...