Judo for Girls and the Sexist 60s

I came across a book titled "Judo for Girls" in Amazon, but there was no description or reviews associated with this book.  I thought that this could be an informative read, as I have never been a girl, and have considered that there may be some unique concerns from the female perspective that I haven't really considered...  So looking for a review (which I didn't find), I came across this article from Black Belt Magazine (1965):


My favorite part was the caption for the photo at the bottom of the first page:  "Ruth stands husband Nick Horan on end in a Ju-no-Kata position.  Girls in the class find this technique helpful for getting loose change out of their husbands' pockets."  Seriously?  Also interesting was that they apparently didn't let women participate in Shiai - kata competition was the only option.  Well, I guess they were encouraged to only ride sidesaddle back in the day, so we're progressing on all fronts?

Anyone out there know anything about this "Judo for Girls" book?



kodokanjudo said...

She was still teaching in 2004.


kodokanjudo said...

The white stripe on her belt means that she was Kodokan graded (as was everyone in 1965).
The Kodokan was a very conservative institution where women only did gokyo and kata. Rarely did you ever see a woman do true randori back then.

kodokanjudo said...

She likely was a student of Charles Yerkow, 4th dan during the 50's and sensei at the NYC YMCA. She also may have been a sensei to Rusty Kanakogi.

kodokanjudo said...

Charles Yerkow (1912-1994)was the author of several judo books from 1942 thru the 1960's: Modern Judo I, II & III, Sport Judo, Official Judo, Contest Judo and Judo Kata(s). I own a few of them.
Back in the late 70's as an sankyu, I went to a judo clinic at the Brooklyn YMCA and there was an older gentleman in judogi sitting on the side. Yeap, Charles Yerkow himself. I had no clue at the time but I did meet him.

kodokanjudo said...

There is another entry in a 1971 BB Mag about her students winning a kata award.
I also found this:


It's from early this year. Notice that she was awarded a "ue-no-ue dan". A ceremonial rank awarded to distinguished individuals, meaning that they hold as high as rank as anyone on the tatami. So if she is on the tatami with Ms. Fukuda-sensei (9th dan), or Daigo-sensei (10th dan), Ms. Horan holds the same equilent rank.

kodokanjudo said...

The name of the book was changed to "Judo for Women" on later printings.

anonymous said...

She was an instructor in the Blue Blouse Jiu Jitsu Society.

kodokanjudo said...

"Jiu jitsu" is the misspelled Brazilian interpretation of the Japanese term jujutsu. When refering to the past japanese martial art associated with judo, it's always jujutsu.

Beat up Hubby said...

My Wife Jannelkle Wilkins us the Head Sensei of the Bkue Blouse Jiu Jitsu Siciety and wears the !0th Dan Black Belt in Judo and Juj Jitsu..