Dakiage - Just SLAM! Let the boys be boys! Maynard was ROBBED!

Onyx, anyone?  No?  Whatever.  So, I was thinking about Dakiage (aka, the slam, aka, high lift) in the shower (don't ask), and I thought about these two bad examples from the UFC:

Matt Hughes vs. Carlos Newton (go to about 45 seconds in):

First, what was he trying to accomplish by putting him up against the fence *like that.* I am no MMA fighter, but that seems stupid. And Matt didn't really slam him, he was losing (or had lost) consciousness. Newton's legs pop open right away, and Hughes didn't know that he was knocked out, so he would have popped up and started punching him, etc. if he had the wherewithal to do that. And the next one I thought about...

Gray Maynard vs. Rob Emerson

The story here: as you can see, Maynard (the slammer) has his head in a not-so-great position, and he is heading straight for the ground. What ends up happening is that Maynard slams Emerson and knocks him out, but he then rolls off of Emerson and lays there, and they call a no contest because they think Maynard knocked himself out. So I will say first that this is a stupid and dangerous position to slam someone from. But I don't think that Maynard knocked himself out - I think he rung his bell, but I don't think he was KO'd, and he was robbed. Find a video and watch... Anyhoo, while I don't think that slamming someone should be legal in Judo, I do think that if you can get someone up to shoulder level with control, you should be declared the automatic winner. Just don't finish the slam.



Patrick Parker said...

Loving your blog. Sorry I haven't had anything to say besides "Yeah, what he said!"

Maybe you should post some sort of ridiculous, inane, comment bait. Something so tempting that I will have no choice but to tell you off. That's what I do when I get lonely for comments on my blog.

kodokanjudo said...

Parker-sensei, please let-your- hair-down and join in on our comments. I for one, whant to see what you have to say about some of our points of view.
I agree about the blog.

kodokanjudo said...

In one of my many judo books, I rtemember reading about a time when Kano-sensei was the referee in a match during a high dan tournament. A godan sliped and fell on his back and Kano-sensei called an ippon. Upon the individual's complain, Kano to9ld him that as a godan he had to know that if it had been a battlefield, he would surely be dead.
The small story also tells us that Kano-sensei believed that judo was not a sport.

kodokanjudo said...

The change in the rule (mid to late 50's) coincides with the infux of westerners in judo and their body types. Japanese have short legs and longer torsos, anabling them to control daki-age much better. Westerners have longer legs and shoter torsos, not an ideal body type for such control. Inexperience was also a factor.